Jazzzzzz, baby!

Ready For Jazz2009 Bonaire Heineken Jazz Festival
This photo of me  was taken this time last year.  But note: the t-shirt says 2009, but has last year’s May dates listed.  Oh well, the proofreader must have had too much 80 proof Mount Gay Rum that day.

But I digress.  We are about to kick off the jazz fest again this year.  I’ll be reporting on the happenings the next few days as time permits.  An event like this is big time when living on a small island.  I will be there every night, staying up way  past my usual bedtime. And for the last day’s event, we are planning a marauding expedition to the Divi Flamingo resort.  A pirate’s barge will invade.  Details forthcoming. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!


One thought on “Jazzzzzz, baby!

  1. Patrick I’ve found you. good story keep up the writing. Celina & I had great fun on the road trip to Taos where they are celebrating the summer of love -1960’s style. It mAde me want to get out the tie dye & parsleys. Great new History Museum in SF. Rough way to travel 4* hotels & food. Love to Het Shirley

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