Seaside Escapades Postscript

Island Notes 69

The storm hit at 3:15 am.  Winds were howling.  The sea foamed with whitecaps and waves crashed the coast.

The new fishermen dock nearby my home was nearly complete, a casualty of Tropical Storm Omar in 2008.  This storm, however, sent a reminder that seaside docks have their challenges.  A number of newly fastened planks were upended.  Welcome to the neighborhood.

Before I moved my boat last night, I ran into my neighbor who was staring at the waves while contemplatively smoking a cigarette.  I warned him of the upcoming storm and said I was about to move my boat into the safety of the harbor.  He decided to leave his on a seaside mooring and went off to a dinner party.  This morning, I saw what was left of his Carolina Skiff.  It was still connected to the mooring line, but was upside down and banging against the hard, coral bottom.  His new Yamaha motor was taking the brunt of it, and the stern deck had also become detached, floating aimlessly under the hull.  Bad call.

Total Loss

By 9am, I arrived at the Harbour Village Marina.  Kontentu was in the still, safe water of the harbor.  I lost one fender during the night.  A better knot would have kept it with the boat.  But other than that, she is fine and surrounded by local fishing boats.  The sea today is extremely confused.  Kontentu will stay dockside for a while. Seaside Escapades concluded.


One thought on “Seaside Escapades Postscript

  1. It’s a good thing that you did not revert back to your NM days & wait until manana. I’m enjjoying reading your blogs-maybe I’ll make to your paradise one day. Shirley

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