Color World

Island Notes 84

Bonaire’s Beach Hut serves up huge doses of color

from luscious libations to shimmering seas and flaming flamingos.

Perched on the sandy edge of the world-class windsurfing hot spot, Sorobon, The Beach Hut mixes a casual, surfer vibe with Dutch-gone-Caribbean abandon. It’s all about location. Tourists thaw out in the tropical sun while windsurfers skim over Lac Bay’s dreamsicle-green waters.  This stunning lagoon on Bonaire’s windward coast is home to the annual Pro Kids Freestyle World Championship.  The bar offers shady respite from the shore’s relentless sun and wind.  And then there are bartender Marjolein Brunink’s cool, chroma-rich concoctions that challenge the driest of thirsts.

“Just call me Majo,” says the cheery, self-taught mixologist from Haarlem, Holland. “My favorite creation is the Blue Hole.  I named it after the dive site just beyond the reef here and the drink has the same color as the water.  It’s somewhere between electric green and vivid blue.”

Majo is obviously enchanted by the saturated hues of Lac Bay.  Her sweet elixir, the Creamy Flamingo, gives new meaning to the word, pink.  The rest of the drink list offers classics like Sex On The Beach and Long Island Iced Tea, but all have a distinctive Majo twist.  “I’ve been tinkering with mixed drinks since I was 17.”

Hungry?  The Beach Hut serves up Dutch treats like kroketten (deep-fried meat-filled snacks), bitterballen (round versions of the same), and vlammetjes or ‘little flames’ (spicy bite-sized meat snacks).  Local fare, kuminda krioyo, includes grilled spare ribs, baka stoba (beef stew) and fresh-caught grilled fish served with creole sauce and funchi (a traditional cornmeal dish).

But again, it’s all about location at The Beach Hut.  This tables-in-the-sand watering hole is a magnet for cruise ship day trippers, bronzed windsurfers and laid-back beach bums gathering under one inviting, palm-frond roof.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­Salsa tunes, Beach Boy classics and local Papiamentu favorites drift from the ample sound system.  Wild waves break on Lac’s protective barrier reef a half-mile away while the wind jockeys spin thrilling 180° turns just yards from the bar. And check out those awesome pink flamingos flying overhead as they point toward the golden, setting sun.  Color world?  Oh, yeah.  Time for another Blue Hole from Majo.

The Blue Hole

3 oz. Malibu Rum, 3 oz. Blue Curacao, 5 oz. pineapple juice. Shake vigorously and pour in a glass half filled with ice.


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