Iron Woman

Island Notes 85

Oscar & Rhian

You may remember Rhian Evans from a Caribbean Travel+Life Magazine article that I wrote on the loras, the endangered yellow-shoulder parrots of Bonaire.  She spent three years here studying the birds and became a good friend.  She is a crackerjack rock jock, budding sailor and all around good sport.

Rhi now studies red kites in the highlands of Scotland for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.  Red kites are striking birds of prey with wingspans nearly two meters long.  When not busy with the kites, Evans pursues extreme sports.

photo-Nigel Shepherd.

Her latest folly was the Snowdonia Slateman triathlon in North Wales, which Rhi says, “It was epic! 750m swim in a freezing lake—10 degrees!!!! (50°F). Then a 51km bike over the mountainous Llanberis pass with gale force head winds (literally!) Followed by an 11km hill run through the old slate quarries.”

This is called fun.  From island girl to iron woman.  My, my.


One thought on “Iron Woman

  1. Hey Patrick, I continue to enjoy island notes …this one reminds me of the welcome back to Bonaire party we all went to for Rhian at Sunset Beach. I spent some time talking snowboarding with her. It was a great vist with you and a wonderful trip to Bonaire……. Happy Memorial Day Weekend ! Hey I get three days in a row without an alarm clock going off in my ear !! ….Peace and Love Rick.

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