Koló i Maravia-Paranan na nos Isla.

Color & WonderThe Birds of our Island.

I finally am getting my digital still-to-canvas project, Color & Wonder, Koló i Maravia in Papiamentu, going.  This has been a culmination of many hours laying in the hammock considering if I want to work this hard again.  Taking photos of wildlife is not easy.  I learned this when I produced nature documentaries back in the 1990s. It requires expensive equipment, huge doses of patience and a lot of luck.  Plus it can be physically demanding.

With Color & Wonder, I am attempting to capture more than just a bird on the perch.  I am seeking the kind of shot that tells a story through the animal’s beauty, behavior or ideally both.  To do that, I have to spend a lot of time in the field trying to get physically close to the birds.  This often requires getting up in the dark and positioning myself in place before the birds rise.  Then it is a game waiting for the right light.  That gives the mosquitoes and no-see-ums plenty of time to chew on me while I drink coffee to wake up.  But that is all forgotten as the birds awake, the sun turns on the ‘golden hour’ and I try to capture a slice of time in space.

Above are the first of forty-five canvases that I plan to do.  They are currently on display at the gallery of Wil’s Restaurant in downtown Kralendijk.  Wil and Sue Heemskerk were so kind as to display them at their restaurant.  By year’s end I am hoping to have an exhibition at Kas Di Arti, Bonaire’s art museum.


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