The Far East Files-Prologue

I have been mystified by the Far East for a lifetime.  From Charlie Chan to Jackie Chan, from Kota Kinabalu to Katmandu, this corner of the world always seemed to process things differently than the West and I found that irresistibly intriguing.  But for some strange reason, my world travels took me only to the outskirts of the Far East; Australia to the south, Guam and Fiji to the east, and the Middle East to the west.  I wanted to see the real McCoy, so to speak.  I yearned to explore the many flavors of Asia–Melanesia, Indonesia, Malaysia.  Hell, even Polynesia although I already visited there a couple of times.  So with cash in the pocket and backpack in hand, I set out to experience a tantalizing trifecta of Far East destinations– Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.  The trip was nearly a month long journey that involved travel on…15 long boats

A Dragonair jet in Hong Kong.

12 airplanes

12 buses, 9 urban railways, 8 ferries

6 taxis, 5 vans, 5 shuttle buses, 4 shuttle trains, 2 pickup trucks, 1 bamboo raft

1 Toyota Camry (multiple trips), 1 bum boat, 1 dive boat, the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, 1 cable tram funicular railway and… 1 elephant.

Without further delay, what will follow in the upcoming blog entries are the Far East Files,  my reflections on vagabonding through Asia.  Please read on…


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