365 Days-Almost


It was an idea of purity.  For three hundred and sixty-five consecutive days, I would take a photo from my backyard from the exact same spot during exact same time, sunset.  It would be an homage to the so called Golden Hour.  Why?  For daily affirmation of a passage of time, a tribute to the power of our spinning globe, a platform to compare ever changing light, color, clouds and sea.  There is a fundamental need for this kind of touchstone when ordinary people shed human interaction for text messaging or when ear buds deny entrance of the sonic verbiage of life.  365 Sunsets would re-introduce quaint concepts of reflection, observation, and on a good cosmic day, perhaps even a small dose of meditation.  I was all in.

But my grand idea was problematic from the start.  I am a vagabond, a rambler, a gypsy.  After decades of crisscrossing continents and oceans, the mantra of motion still kick starts my soul.  The thrill of going mobile is an obsession I can’t seem to shed.  Sure, there are vulnerable moments when I feel that I have seen enough, that these days now are meant for hovering in one place, a chance to reflect on one’s life.  That is easy to do since I live on a little island of incredible beauty and engaging charm.  My home has three cats in the yard and banana trees groaning in growth toward the skies.  Mi casa is a hillside island mecca.  In spite of this comfort zone, there is a turbulence inside that reluctantly hurls me out the door and on to the next rollicking adventure.  These expeditions are a mix of wonder and discomfort, pleasure and pain, excessiveness and depredation.  Perhaps it is the unknown, spontaneous extremes of travel that I am hooked on. I’m a travel junkie, a sea nomad, a new/old rider of the purple sage.

In any event, it was obvious that 365 Sunsets was not going to happen, at least not in its pure form.  But what if it was only 294 Sunsets?  Or 57? Or what if some of the photos were taken away from my backyard, like at other places on Bonaire or from distant ports of call?  What if I broke the rules?  My own rules.  That is not hard to do.  It is consensus by a committee of one.  Congress can move forward.

What would be lost?  Consistency. Rhyme. Mantra.  Reflective comparisons that last the duration that it takes Mother Earth to orbit once around the sun.  All those benefits are extremely precious.  But I think that purity might have to wait for when I am no longer able to ramble.  Or for when the wanderlust flame ceases from within.  Or for when the comforts of home anesthetize exhilarating zeal for drifting.

So in the meantime, I will post 365 sunsets (mas o menos) when I can.  A post may only have one photo.  There could be several.  The only constant will be that the photo(s) will be taken around sunset time.  And I may include a bit of verse now and then, a mini Island Note that may or may not resonate with the images.  So here is Day 1.  I hope you enjoy the journey.DSC05136


4 thoughts on “365 Days-Almost

  1. Patrick
    My grandmother did something similar except she noticed where the sun was setting during very important moments in life. For example, she knew where the sun set on the day my father left for World War II. Living on a farm in South Dakota was an opportunity to see sunsets that people in cities could not relate to. She would tell us the history of sunset locations based on family history. So I understand what you’re doing. Hope I can share a sunset or two with you and Hettie soon.

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