Feeling Blue From Gray

I must update that while gray is still present on Bonaire, the popular trend for it is slowly fading away.

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DSC_1806Another Fascinating Island Note…

12BONFeb 47 The Troupial, a tropical oriole.

One of the wonderful things about Bonaire is the splendid variety of colors on the island.  Color is who we are.  Just look off shore to that lovely sapphire blue water.  Below it are crimson squirrelfish, multihued octopi and totally tubular soft coral pipes in vibrant purple.  And the rainbow display continues on shore.  Flamingos strut their stuff in proper pink.  Troupials sing away the day in bright orange tuxedos.  And the loras, our endangered parrots, boast a vivid feather collage in green, red, yellow and turquoise.

This explosion of chroma has a strong effect on the people of the island.  Just look at how folks adorn themselves for events like Karnival or Maskarada.  But color displays can be witnessed every day just by looking at island houses.  Bonaire is historically famous for its mustard yellow that graces many of the…

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