365 Days, Almost. Day 111.

You know it don’t come easy. Or, an evolution of a sunset…dsc_4778

Bonaire has been sunset challenged lately.  Nourishing rains and cloudy skies have denied us islanders the usual end-of-the-day spectacle.dsc_4728

And tonight was such a time until the sun struggled to peak through…dsc_4739

And then it did…dsc_4752dsc_4757dsc_4770

…even while it continued to rain.  And then, the Big Color…dsc_4771

Turning to Monet muted shades of pale to end the day. And so it goes.dsc_4785


One thought on “365 Days, Almost. Day 111.

  1. Beautifull series, Patrick!
    Rain and sun do play a game in our skies.
    Also thank you for the shimaruku-berries story.
    Here in Curaçao they were not so good in our garden, but elsewhere they were.

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