Wheelchair Diaries #4


On the Road Again…

Yesterday I got a reprieve. The hospital insisted that I come down to have a doctor look at me two weeks after the fall. And they would pick me up in an ambulance.  There is no practical way I can currently be moved in and out of a conventional car.  Yes!  Road Trip!

Daily, I ask Hettie to roll me around our house and outside terrace just to change the visual horizon. But going to town would really break the tedium.  The ambulance showed up 40 minutes late due to an internal miscommunication at the hospital.  It was 9:40 when they arrived, my appointment time.  No matter.  I was going mobile.

One of the EMTs was Monique who was on the ride home one week ago.


Monique & Hettie along for the ride

We had a friendly reunion and talked the whole way back to the hospital.  And there was Andy who carefully avoided the bone-jarring potholes along the way.  During the ride, Andy got a call from Sergio, the EMT who helped me the day of the fall.  He passed on best wishes to me.  I can’t say enough good things about the ambulance crews on Bonaire.  Top notch people.


Andy discusses the next move as we arrive at the hospital.

I get all three breaks x-rayed for the third time.  A temporary general surgeon, the first that has seen me on Bonaire, says everything looks to be growing back ok, but he stresses the difficulties that come from breaking the calcaneus (heel bone) and I have two.  It is a long, painful process so I just need to peacefully await the storm.  Having a broken left arm only complicates the matter.

I push aqua therapy, gravity-free resistance for doing PT after the casts are removed.  With that, I can keep getting the feet stronger while my arm gets strong enough to hold my weight on a crutch.  The doc mentions there are foot casts used for walking that may be removable.  But this guy won’t be here when I return the next time.  He’s on temporary duty from Holland.  I’ll need to take a stand and push my water therapy agenda with the next doctor.  I’m told I will meet him in 4 weeks when my casts are removed.  He’s an orthopedic surgeon from Curacao who visits here periodically.

Up next…   April Come She Will


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