Wheelchair Diaries #5

April Come She Will…DSC04821

My fall happened on March 22nd.  I was told then I would be in casts for 7 weeks.  That meant April, all 30 days of that windy Spring month, was the mountain to climb.  If I could get through April, it wouldn’t be long before the casts might be cut off.  But 30 days is an enormous amount of time when you are immobile.  What I needed to do was eat up the clock to make time speed by.

Now the time has come (Time).  There’s no place to run (Time).  I might get burned up by the sun (Time).  But I had my fun (Time).  I’ve been loved and put aside (Time).  I’ve been crushed by the tumbling tide (Time).  And my soul has been psychedelicized (Time)

Time Has Come Today– The Chambers Brothers  1968

So to get my soul  psychedelicized as the Chamber Brothers once so poignantly sang, I’ve done a number of things.  I’ve set up a daily schedule of events-washing, grooming, physical therapy, etc.  Hettie wheels me around the home twice a day on my wheelchair giving me refreshingly new views of my very small world.  I read an enormous amount of books, slipping back into my bad habit of reading three at a time.  When one book fails to continue to keep my interest, I start another only to return to the read later.  I change locations.  I have a day bed, a night bed, and spend two 2-hour sessions in the wheelchair daily.

But the best time killer by far is a visit by friends.  Many of my island friends have visited me at home- fellow sailors, dive buddies, yoga comrades, some pirates.  And they bring food—John & Brenda deliver grilled chicken and salads; Janet & Dylis offer BBQ from Bobajan’s with cole slaw and fries; Mabel Nava cooks up chicken claw soup, a Latina dish/remedy with hints of cilantro and lime; Shelley gives a bag of goodies with tea and chocolate.

And family and friends who are distant have called and written. Especially my son who rises at 7am in Japan to call me before my ridiculously early bedtime, overcoming a 13-hour time difference.  All of this delivers me much needed friendship and love, good cures to get me through the day.

I sometimes think I should take advantage of this time and do something extraordinary like write the great American novel, learn a new language or contemplate the cosmos for a better understanding of life.  But no.  This is survival time.  I need to keep my eyes on the prize and that is for me to walk again.  Deep inside I feel that I have to put all my spirit toward that to get the job done.  April come she will.  After 11 days of May the three casts could be cut off if all heals well.  Then the real challenge will begin.



2 thoughts on “Wheelchair Diaries #5

  1. Patrick— You continue to amaze me———————–hang in there– (easy to say)— you’re doing great—I so enjoy reading your writing!!! If you’d like some snail mail———— would love to have your “snail mail” address— Thanks!!! One of your MANY FANS!!! Susie—

  2. Patrick- sending you good wishes and healing thoughts from NJ. What an ordeal! And you are so lucky to have such a great wife and wonderful friends. You should write the great American novel since you are an amazing writer. Such talent! Rest and heal. Karen

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