365 Days, Almost. Day 294

A big custard cloud in the sky blows by…DSC05074

And turns into a crab…


Then the sun’s rays blast out…


And the sunset simmers into color.



365 Days, Almost. Day 289


Big White Puffies

Back in the day when I was still working in New Mexico in “The Business”, I got a call from a producer from LA.  This was way before sophisticated computer graphics could create any background that Hollywood desires.  In another words, you needed to capture on camera what you wanted when on location.  Often ‘fixers’, local production people who knew their area well, would be hired to assist in the production. So the producer from LA began to talk.

We’re coming to New Mexico in two weeks to shoot a car commercial and we need big, white puffies.  Can you help us out?

Big white puffies?

Yeah, you know.  Puffy clouds that look like tufts of white cotton on a clear, blue sky.  That’s why we are shooting this in New Mexico.

Well, I understand what you want. And we often have those kind of skies here, but it’s not the kind of thing that I can guarantee.  You know.  It’s the weather.

You can’t?  Unbelievable.  I’m just going to have to get a different fixer.

Do me a favor.  Once you find the guy that can deliver big, white puffies for you, call me back.  I would love to have his name.

I never heard again from the producer.  And if I remember correctly, it rained in New Mexico 2 weeks later.