365 Days, Almost. Day 365.

The last picture show.DSC05204

I started this project three hundred and sixty-five days ago.  The goal was to make a photo of every sunset for a year—almost.  That caveat was important for I knew not every sunset was worthy of a photo.  Some days there was just nondescript gray skies. I also know I might be too lazy or distracted to shoot every day.  Little did I know that a major injury would prohibit me from shooting a number of stellar sunsets that I could only admire from a window.DSC05196I had a small number of loyal number of followers throughout the year that would always “like” the post.  That was reassuring and allowed me to display some shots that I thought were cool, but knew that many would just not get.  Thank you.  A big day was to have 10 or 12 people approve or comment on a shot—not record breaking media numbers by any measure.  But when I posted a frosty glass of a high quality beer in the foreground, I always received an enthusiastic response.  That explains why the song “Five O’clock Somewhere” was such a popular hit.DSC05206DSC05205DSC05207Most of the shots were taken from my terrace on Bonaire, but several were made around the island.  Others I shot from the deck of a sailboat while crewing from Bonaire to Grenada and west to Colombia and Panama.  One solo shot came from the Chihuahua Desert in New Mexico while traveling there in November.DSC05201

I had trepidations about tonight’s sunset.  What if it was a dud?  That is not how I wanted to end this thing, but no worries.  Tonight was prestigious.  So as they say in the biz, “That’s a wrap”.  I hope you enjoyed the pix as much as I did making them. And as we say in Bonaire, “Ayo”.DSC05208