Down Island Gold Rush

Another Island Note…IMG_1645

Colorado may have its quaking aspens and Japan its delicate cherry blossoms, but down here at 12-latitude we’ve got the ax breaker.  That is what Kibrahacha means in our local language of Papiamentu.  It was given that name due to the dense hardness of the tree’s wood. It is also known as Yellow Poui or Golden Trumpet Tree in English.  What makes the kibrahacha a top contender for arboreal eye candy is its ability to produce copious amounts of brilliant yellow flowers if the weather conditions are just right.

Our present explosion of color was due to a nearly all-day rain last weekend.  It was one of those lay-in-the-hammock-and-pour-another-daiquiri kind of rains: soft, gentle and nourishing.  It was a day for whiling away until the sun goes down. This welcomed tropical shower was preceded by three months of no precipitation-perfect conditions for triggering the kibrahachas.  Normally, the trees are bare of blooms and leaves.

We have four small kibrahachas on our land.  By Thursday they began sprouting their modest blooms.  But by day’s end, the hillsides were painted with splashes of yellow.  It looked like Jackson Pollack had had a dripping extravaganza from his studio high in the heavens.  It brought back memories of childhood autumns.  It was chroma enhancement for the soul.  Soon our home was surrounded by gold.

I have written about this amazing display before in Island Notes. But this outburst of yellow is one for the ages due to dry/wet conditions aligning perfectly.  But I must stop writing now to go back and gaze upon the flowering ax breakers.  This gold rush will only last a few days before the winds blow petals and seeds away. And then the trees return to their somber state of bark, twig and branch.DSC00091


Aqua therapy made easier with blooming kibrahacha in the distance.


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