End of the Day

Another Island Note…

Sunsets are the last heartbeats in the days of our lives.  Down island, these solar shows are often spectacular as a tropical stew of land, sea and balmy air deliver an alchemy of spectral color.

Front stage is where most eyes aim as the sun sizzles at the horizon line.  But what is often missed is what takes place in the wings of the theatre.  On this March dusk I peer to starboard where pinks, golds and shades of cantaloupe blend into a palette that would make Gaugin blush.  

To port is an understated civil war clash of blue and gray. 

Interrupting this chroma calliope are grumbling grays and belligerent blacks reminiscent of Rembrandt skies from Holland. 

The drama above is suspended in time until darkness infringes on my vision and the rum drink is drained.  Thoughts turn to dinner now at the end of another island day.

4 thoughts on “End of the Day

  1. Very well done!! Refill that Rum drink! We’ve had some great sunsets .. where the woods seem to be on fire. Thank You.

  2. I always think of Joni Mitchell’s iconic tune, especially the line “I really don’t know clouds at all.” So true when you see the beauty and dreamy diversity in your photos!

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