About me…

Macchu Pichu, Peru

I’m still a work in progress.  “Why?” you may ask. Because as someone once said, “It’s not over until the…” You probably know the rest.  I sure don’t.  These days, I’m simply polishing my skills as world kid, hammock  expert, storyteller and sailor.  And while the dials of the clock now speed around faster for me than ever before, I still feel like I have a few gigs (performances, not gigabytes) left.  Now, time for some chronological confluence. •Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio USA.  Second generation offspring of Hungarian and Irish immigrants—Ellis Island graduates.


crossing the Atlantic

•Spent 4.5 years at The Ohio State University.  Escaped with a bachelors degree.  Go Buckeyes.

•For nearly the next four decades I worked in electronic media specializing in television documentaries.

•Traveled much of the globe including six continents and numerous islands.

DSC_1997 - Version 2•I now reside on the tiny island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean with my wife, Hettie, FOUR! cats–Pirate, Sweet Pea, Boom!, Fuzz Foster and a sailboat,  Padilanti, which means ‘onward’ in the local patois of Papiamentu.

•Bucket list. explore Namibia  attend the finals at Wimbledon and sail across the ocean again.


9 thoughts on “About me…

    • Pat, hello from an ol’ PKT brother from Ironton, O. Saw Stormvogel article in OSU Alum mag. and f/u in winter, ’18 Letter to the Editor. Both very interesting and fascinating.
      My wife, Cherrie and I have been to Aruba and Curacao as part of excursions on an ocean cruise. I have always wanted to do a windjammer like island hopping cruise.
      Could do those islands again and especially Bonaire, etc. Also it would be great to meet you again. If you are up for it, I could even try to recruit other PKT’s that you know of like Cabots, Campbell, Cohagan, Reineke, Webb, etc. who I keep in touch with from time to time.
      I’ve rambled enough so do hope to hear from you.
      Go Bucks!!
      Tommy Dole

  1. Hola Senor Holian from the land of enchantment. You are looking very fit; just a little greyer. But then ain’t we all.
    Jim Miller
    Please email me. I have something to forward to you.

  2. Beste Patrick.
    Wat hebben we genoten van je prachtige foto’s bij Will’s tropical! Na je telefoontje zijn we dezelfde avond nog gaan kijken ( dinsdag vlogen we immers dinsdag weer naar huis.) Jammer dat we daardoor niet op je feestje konden zijn, we hopen dat je genoten hebt.We zijn inmiddels weer gewend aan de winterjassen in het frisse NLD!
    Voor straks wensen we jullie een mooie reis toe naar het verre oosten en we hopen elkaar in het najaar weer te zien.
    hartelijke groeten zeker ook voor Hettie,

    Henne en Gert-Jan van Riemsdijk

  3. Patrick,
    I found your site while looking for Jim Witcher’s contact information. I read your blog with tears and a smile. Our dear Chandler will most likely have passed by the time you read this as he has been given only a few hours. The next time you see a bird smile and know that Chandler is watching birds and puffing on his pipe again somewhere! Cyndi Swanberg Harper (c1sign@cox.net)

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